W.E.-Matter ™ is a revenue impacting science transforming businesses and improving lives through employee engagement and well-being. W.E. are working with 100+ brands to help them to reduce attrition and improve performance in USA, Africa, Europe, India, South East Asia, and more. W.E.-Matter ™ is the best employee engagement survey company in the world. W.E. Predict™, the only performance predictor in the world, that predicts team performance and attrition using AI/ML-supported algorithms. Well-being and Engagement (W.E.-Matter ™) is the world’s only contemporary multi-generational model that addresses multicultural challenges and fosters a positive global work environment. "W.E.-Matter has been chosen by 100+ clients such as MC Donald, TATA, ADANI, and many more. W.E.-Matter offers a next-generation employee engagement survey solution designed to improve employee performance, reduce turnover, and create a successful workplace. W.E.-Matter an employee engagement survey company goes beyond just measuring engagement — we unlock its full potential to drive business transformation.
W.E.-Matter is more than just a survey, it’s a strategic partner. Get insights beyond basic engagement scores. W.E.-Matter uses AI/ML to predict performance, identify key talent risks, and provide prescriptive action plans in real-time after the closure of the survey—no more waiting months for reports. Get automated reports and manager scorecards to take swift action. Elevate your team's potential with W.E.-Matter, leading the way among employee engagement survey companies. Make a High-performing workforce with W.E.-Matter employee engagement survey platform.
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