MEGA does things differently. 

The core of its business model is all about privacy and safe online file storage. With free end-to-end encryption for all, the service immediately stands out. But is there more to it? 

MEGA has a selection of security-conscious features which will appeal to business and individual users, and which rank it among the best secure cloud storage services. Here are a few of the standouts.

To share your files and folders with others, you can create a shareable link. The recipient does not need to have a MEGA account in order to access the link, and users who prioritise security will love that all files and folders are fully encrypted when they’re sent. You can even choose to password-protect or assign expiration dates to links for an added layer of security.

The most common way to use Mega is through its web interface. However, there is also a desktop app compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS. Furthermore, you can download a Mega browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to boost Mega’s performance, reduce loading time, and improve security. 

End-To-End Encryption for All
MEGA encrypts all of your information with a key derived from your password. The platform doesn’t store your password, meaning that:

    MEGA can’t access your files.
    If you lose your password, you lose your information.

The user-controlled MEGA encryption system is available for all accounts, both premium and free. Anyone can look at the platform’s source code or security white paper to ensure they deliver on the zero-knowledge encryption promise. 

If you’re looking specifically for a free cloud storage solution, MEGA’s is worth considering with 20GB for free. In terms of its paid plans, prices are comparable to competitors like Dropbox and pCloud. But with its top-notch security features, MEGA is an appealing option, particularly for security and privacy-conscious users. 

Mega stores your data on servers located in New Zealand, Canada, and several EU countries. That means it must comply with the GDPR, a regulation which provides data protection rights to EU citizens. However, the company makes the rights and safety measures laid out in the GDPR available to all its users, even those located outside of the European Union. 

While we don’t love the poor customer support otherwise, MEGA gets the seal of approval.

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