GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE, an immersive sci-fI RPG shooter with adorable NIKKEs, a new chapter, Light of Hero, and a new SSR-ranked character, Laplace, has been added to the game in a latest update. Download the game on the iOS App Store and Google Play today and the Light of Hero update will go live after the update.

Laplace is a Nikke belonging to the elite squad of Missilis, known as Matis, who uses the company's most cutting-edge technology. Being the first Nikke produced to be included in Matis, she was assigned as the squad leader.

Laplace is fully aware of the importance of the role she plays, and is convinced that she is a hero of the highest caliber. For Laplace, a hero of her stature must be in charge of retaking the surface together with his companions from Matis. Laplace maintains that sacrificing oneself for the good of the world is the greatest display of heroism. This mindset stems from the differences she sees between humans and Nikkes.

Since its debut, NIKKE has excelled in mobile stores all around the world. It received 10 million downloads in its first week and topped the charts in the App Store and Google Play in a number of locations, including North America, Korea, and Japan. For this update, new music was created by popular Japanese composer Ajurika.

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