Among changes and up-gradation, there are a lot of valuable features that are provided on , but most people hardly know some of them.

Thus, this guide will unlock some of its features that are hidden or hardly famous. This detailed guide also throws light on how useful these features are in reality.

Below is a list of some useful features you might not know:

Blogging Interface to create a powerful presence

Drafting creative content and publishing it on your web account is the most influencing way to create a powerful presence of your brand.

Easy-to-use Omaada editor allows users to create a blog post and articles on its interface.

Creating original content and posting it on your profile is more worthy than just posting a status and comment.

It could get more users’ attention and make you steadier. Also, such a form of content is liked by the mass audience which enhances creativity and results in engagements.

Make use of Messaging Conversation Window

Just like chatting, Omaada has a feature of messaging conversation windows, which is like a pop-up window situates on the right of every page on the Omaada website.

You can chat with anyone who is in your connection. 

The conversation window automatically pops up whenever you get a message.

All messages you have a type, read, or reply will be sync with Omaada messaging.