A blog post/article is a piece of content written about something in descriptive form. A blog post is also termed as a shortened form of a blog, which now a days is called as WeBlog.  A WeBlog is an online platform where you can post your written content.  A Blog may be a section of the website or it may be a website in itself.

A Blog post may be a piece of content which contains a full topic or it may also be a part of a topic and becomes a single topic combining multiple blog posts. A blog post may contain Images, Videos and Links.

Blog at Omaada is also a section of www.omaada.com .

Steps to write an Article/Blog Post at Omaada

  • Login to Omaada with your account details. If you do not have an account with Omaada yet, please follow the This Link () to signup at Omaada.

Method 1:

  • After, when you have successfully Logged In, You can see a Plus (+) icon in the top menu near right of search box. Click on this icon.
  • In the drop down menu click Create Blog.

Method 2:

  • After, when you have successfully Logged In, You can see a link “My Articles” in the left side menu.
  • Click on this link and when new page opens you will a button “Add New Article” in the middle of page on the top of the content section.
  • Click the button. A window to write and submit an Article will appear.
  • Enter your article details with title and description of the article and Publish. Remember you can also insert Images in description box and add a cover image with cover image option.