Explaining what is an event on Omaada:

Lets say you are organizing an event on any occasion  and you want to notify users about this event, Omaada events come into place. It is a calender-based event created at www.omaada .com which is used to notify the users of Omaada.

These are events and free and anyone can create an event after creating an account with us. As per your choice these events can be  private and public for everyone. The person who creates an event can invite his/her connections, group members and his page followers. 

On an upcoming event and on any upcoming occasion omaada event is a great feature or way to notify people about it in a small time.

How to create an event in Omaada:

To create an event you will have to follow below steps:

  1. Login into your account using the login link: https://www.omaada.com/signin if you are not a registered user with www.omaada.com then use this ( https://www.omaada.com/signup )link to signup .
  2. After successfully logging in you can find a link to Events in Left side menu. Click on this link.
  3.  On the right top of the middle section of the page you will see a button named "Create an event". Click on it.
  4. You will see a "Create an Event" modal window.  Fill All the details and Click "Create" button.

And there you go. Your event has been created. 

Now, you can invite your connections and Share this to anyone.